Our Birth

Since starting out in 2013, Silverback has continually adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients. With vast experience in delivering infrastructure solutions, our focus has remained the same: client-centered innovation. Ultimately, the power of what we do positively impacts our client’s ability to deliver to their customers. We measure our success by their successes.

CSI - Social Development

Being SWI a Black and Youth owned South African organization; we understand the need of taking a step towards the development of our society and community both directly and remotely.

We recruit South African young personnel, making sure that a certain level of training is passed on to the new staff members as the company grows and expands its potential. Skills development is paramount in the expansion of Silverback World Infrastructure, in the hope to be able to nurture a highly skilled generation of South African citizens.

We also need to re-look at structures and endorse what has worked, what is working, and what needs to be reworked. We are constantly faced with challenges of transformation and the improvement of services rendered to the public.

Silverback CSI Social Development

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